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Yay! My first award since I started blogging~ This is very exciting for me 🙂 Thank you so much Chiara and her wonderful blog http://clairechic.com/! Thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

As following the rules and nominations for the “One Lovely Blog Award”

1)    I need to thank the person who nominated me.

2)    Share 7 things about myself that you still may not know.

3)    Nominate 15 bloggers.

4)    Notify the nominees that I have done so.

5)    Put a logo of the award on my site.

Here’s to 7 things that you may not know about me~

  1. Love dogs even though I don’t have one
  2. Love shoes
  3. have two budgies, Neon and Spook
  4. Want’s to travel the world someday
  5. Needs a Vanilla Latte to start my day
  6. Perfectionist
  7. dreaming to have a fabulous walk in closest :p

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