Shiseido – white Lucent brightening eye treatment

Formulated with Shiseido’s specialty Spot Deacti Complex, this lightweight non greasy cream addresses melanin formation and microcirculation, which are the two major contributions towards dark circles. This cream targets those problem areas around the eyes, but not only that it whitens and illuminates with the multi luminising powder in the formula. Apply the cream twice a day both morning and night. It’s not greasy and the pump delivers just the right amount. This lightweight cream also has a slight floral scent and is great under makeup.
Later use for a couple of months it doesn’t actually reduce the dark circle but more hide them. It’s got a glossy shine after application and covers the darkness, however, this would be great for the morning before you apply makeup though. It brightens your eye more and makes you seem more awake. After all it is a brightening cream. But if your using it to get rid of dark circles it doesn’t work very well. How little each pump distributes the bottle does last for quite some time.

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