Isaac Mizrahi Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection

Finally a designer that makes fabulous large flower prints. And they actually seem wearable and easy to match with other accessories during the day. Most floral prints this season just made me feel like I’m in my grandmother’s house with her floor to ceiling wallpapers that looks like they’re growing and multiplying (trying to take over the world and that). But this soft designs covered with sheer fabrics gives it a more feminine touch, and slightly tones down the prints a little. Which is definitely much more accepting for me.

However, with that said there are some designs here just don’t work well at all. Like the see through corset matched with shiny, silvery long skirt…or is it a dress? Well whatever it is…its horrible to look at and I’m not sure what they were thinking…

I do like the monotones that separated the colourful designs and textures. I must say it was very business chic and absolutely wearable. And the scaley short dress were just perfect to set a young, fun tone to the show. Which did at one point transform into a more elegant attire for evening wear. Enjoy!

And I do apologise for not posting for so long…have assignments and my computer broke down 🙁

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