Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 RTW Collection

An epic collection! I must say that McQueen is definitely one of my all time favourite designers out there. With great inspirations, ideas, insight, and out-worldliness again brings us a fine collection of wonderfully constructed fantasy filled designs.

Starting the collection off with a signature piece for McQueen the waistcoat with its edges a little softer than the ones that we’ve seen in the past. Pure whites followed by a rich intricate patterned designed dresses that depict the fantasy of the forest well. But Unlike other designers of the season McQueen’s view also includes the slightly dark, unknowing of the forest life as well as the light, graceful, delicate, elegant side as well.

There’s also use of all of the different animals within this fantasia created. There are so many outfits that I love but it’s so hard to choose which one I like better. Would it be too greedy to say that I love them all?

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