{TDrama: It started with a Kiss 2}


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Episodes: 20

Cast: Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Jiro Wang, Chang Yng Cheng, Cyndi Chaw, Tang Tsung Sheng, Zheng Bo Han, Petty Yang, Candice Liu, Tiffany Hsu, Jason Wang, Aaron Yan

What it’s about?

It started with a kiss ended with Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin getting married in a comical fashion. It started with a kiss 2 starts off with the happy couple going on their honeymoon. This series is as funny as ever with Xiang Qin trying to be a good wife and be a better nurse. While Zhi Shu is training to become a doctor and trying to make Xiang Qin to become more independent.

My musings…

The original cast came together for this one, which is one of the reasons why I loved it so much. I loved to see what the characters were up to after the proposal and wedding and this series showed us just that. While I had an undying love for the first season this second season showed a more in-depth version into their relationship. Even though there were some parts that I thought that were unnecessary. My favourite part was when Xiang Qin was trying to be a good nurse to Zhi Shu’s doctor and I really liked how long that part went.

As the author of the manga passed away before ever finishing the story which left the series at awkward spot. And the drama didn’t come up with their own ending, rather stuck with what the manga had. There were so many unanswered questions such as the baby that they were going to have and what was going to happen to Xiang Qin’s medical condition?



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