Breast Cancer Awareness Month



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Hi everyone! First of all happy October! This is the first day of the Pink month! October is the breast cancer awareness month. The Cancer council NSW is promoting their Unite In Pink Campaign this year. This is my first time collaborating with the Cancer Council NSW! So I’m pretty excited.

“Every day in Australia, around 50 women are diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer. There are many ways you can get involved to help Cancer Council beat women’s cancers.”

You can support the cancer council and raise awareness by contributing to the cause. I’ve pick out some of my favourites from this year’s merchendise below. Just click on the pictures to purchase anything.

And don’t forget to raise awareness!


{Bite me, I’m yours by Stacy McKitrick}


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image via goodreads

Title: Bite me, I’m Yours

Author: Stacy McKitrick

Series: Bitten by Love

Book: #2

Pages: 256

Published: September 1st 2014

Goodreads Rating: 2.91

My rating: 2/5

“Got given an ARC from Net Galley”

Sarah’s known monsters…and John isn’t one. Sarah’s life isn’t going well. She’s divorced from an abusive jerk, been drugged, stuffed in her trunk and nearly kidnapped. Between that and a harsh winter, it’s almost more than a girl can take. She’s rightly distrusting of any man’s affection, so an ice-skating date with John – who doesn’t seem to feel the cold – isn’t exactly on her bucket list. Yet something about him captures her attention.

John is determined to live as an ordinary mortal. He’s moved into the city, bought a sports bar and works there as the bartender. As a new vampire, he’s never considered dating, until he meets Sarah. Prudence dictates he stay away from her, but everything about her calls to him…right down to her cute animal socks.

Sure, finding out John is a vampire is scary, but Sarah’s learned not all monsters have fangs. Besides, someone else isn’t too happy about their budding relationship. Sarah will have to survive before getting her chance at love.

First Sentences

Sarah smiled her no-worries smile. She’d gotten pretty good at it the past few months.

My thoughts

I didn’t know what to expect for this book when I picked it for a review. I really do enjoy vampire books but this one I didn’t really enjoy. Firstly, I couldn’t feel the connection or chemistry between Sarah and John. There were also bits that I felt was very unbelievable. Like Sarah doesn’t handle her ex-husband well but when she gets raped and needs convincing to go to the hospital and the Police she aggressively pursuits John for sex in the next week. I felt that it wasn’t very real at all.

Also the serial killer angle that was really intriguing where the story began wasn’t dealt with very well with the characters so when the writer tried to escalate the story it fell apart.

Sarah’s character was a bit of a contradiction. She’s supposed to be this push over yet somehow whenever she’s with John she becomes this other person. She’s much more aggressive and pushes on things that normally she wouldn’t be pushing in any other situation.

Even though this was the second book in its series it can be read as a stand-alone. I just didn’t feel excited while reading this and there just wasn’t that connection. I felt that to be a paranormal romance it required a little bit more excitement and without John as the Vampire it’s just a sweet romance story of a tortured girl, even then it was really predictable.



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