Etihad A380 unveils luxury ‘residence’ suite


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The Residence

The Residence is a haven of tranquility, reflecting an exclusive lifestyle that offers the ultimate in high-end luxury.

This is available only on A380 aircraft. It consists of an living room, double bedroom and an en suite bathroom. This is the only three-room suite in the sky. The Etihad VIP concierge takes care of all the bookings, the residence comes with their very own butler and inflight chef.

First Apartments

There will be 9 first apartments installed 1-1 configuration across a single aisle. Each of these apartments are 39 square feet in total. Each of the first apartment guests will have access to the first class bathroom fully equipped with a shower only for their first class guests.

Each apartment will be equipped with a chilled mini bar and 24inch TV monitor with noise cancelling headphones. Each first apartment will have a 64 inch sliding door, and ottoman that converts into am 80 inch flat bed and a 5 star inflight chef.

first apartment vanity

First Suite

On the B787 there are going to be 8 First Suites in a 1-2-1 configuration along a dual curved aisles.

The seat here will convert into a 80.5 inch rectangular flat bed, chilled mini bar and a 24 inch TV. The seats will all be electronically control with massage capabilities

First Apartment Bathroom

Business Studio

There are going to be 70 business studios on the A380 and 28 on the B787.

Each with their own lounge seating which converts into a flat bed and an 18 inch TV.

The Lobby

Business Studio

First Class Aisle

images via Etihad



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